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Special Note: As per new advisory by the Singapore High Commission the processing time is now 10 days from the day of submission

  • Short Term

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  1. Passports in original ( new and old)
  2. 2 passport size photographs in white back ground matt finish with 70-75% of face
  3. NOC letter from the organization
  4. Two months bank statement
  5. Air tickets
  6. Copy of Company ID card

Additional Documents

  1. If couple traveling Marriage Certificate may be required

If going on Honeymoon

  1. Marriage invitation cards

If school kids/ infants traveling

  1. Date of Birth Certificate
  2. Copy of School ID

If an adult Student traveling

  1. College ID card
  2. Financial support documents

If visiting family and friends with Invitation

  1. Typed Invite letter giving details of trip including passport details of the applicant
  2. Copy of E-Pass, Pink Pass, Resident Permit

If on Business Trip

  1. Form V39a
  2. Invite letter

Download Application Form

Download Tourist Visa Application Form

Download Business Visa Application Form