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  1. Passport
  2. i. Valid for 6 months after travel date
    ii. Must have 2 blank pages
  3. Photocopy of present passport (front and back page)
  4. One duly filled application form
  5. One recent passport photographs
  6. i. 4 x 6 cm
    ii. On white background
  7. Confirmed travel booking with day to day travel details
  8. Letter from the sponsor and a copy of the foreign sponsorship application guarantor or sealed with the stamp and signature of the inviting institution.
  9. A copy of valid commercial registration and chamber of commerce certificate and a copy of signature authorization.
  10. Covering letter from the individual/company stating purpose of visit.
  11. If visiting family/friends
  12. i. A letter of undertaking by the sponsor declaring the he shall be responsible for the visitor during his/her trip
    ii. Proof of relationship
  13. If visiting for business
  14. i. A certificate of the Oman chamber of commerce and industry and copy of commercial registration certificate(if having a local sponsor)
    ii. Proof that the applicant is a businessman in country of residence (registration certificate of business)
  15. Proof of Finance
  16. i. Bank statement for last 6 months
    ii. Last 3 years ITR
    iii. Foreign exchange endorsement
    iv. Copy of credit cards

Download Application Form

Download Visa Application Form- Long Stay