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In recent years, the number of visitors to China has skyrocketed, largely due to an increase in global business dealings and cultural exchange. A large number of companies has moved their production chains to China, so have banks and big-name franchise stores. At the same time, China is becoming more and more popular as a travel destination, with its ancient cities, historical sites and good food veering for the tourist limelight.

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  1. Two completely filled and singed application form
  2. Two recent passport-size photograph (white background)
  3. Passport
  4. i. Must have validity of 6 months after intended period of travel ii. Have at least 2 blank pages left
  5. Covering letter by the applicant giving all details of the trip
  6. Photocopy of Applicants passport
  7. Round trip ticket with travel itinerary and confirmed hotel bookings
  8. Medical certificate stating that the applicant is not suffering from any contagious disease
  9. Letter of invitation from a local sponsor/event organizer
  10. Affidavit of support by the host/sponsor assuming responsibility for the expenses of the applicant during their stay in Ecuador
  11. If on business:
  12. i. Certificate from the Chamber of Commerce ii. Sponsorship/Invitation letter 11. Proof of Adequate Financial Means i. Salary slips/certificate last 6 months ii. Bank Statement of 6 months
  13. Photograph Specifications:
  14. a. Size 35 x 45 mm
    b. Plain white colored background
    c. Head should be in the center of the frame

Download Application Form

Download Visa Application Form