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Dominica Republic

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  1. One application form duly completed & signed in typed format or legible print
  2. Two passport size photographs
  3. i. 4 x 5 cms
    j. White background
  4. Passport Validity
  5. a. Valid for 6 months after date of intended travel
    b. Must have 2 blank pages
  6. Photocopy of present passport (front and back page)
  7. Photocopy of all previous UK, USA, Schengen, and any other visas (if any)
  8. In case of minors, authorization from parents or guardian if travelling without parents
  9. For Tourists:
  10. a. Covering letter explaining the reason and length of stay (provide references as well, if any)
    b. Name, address and telephone number of the hotel/hotels or of the Haiti local with whom the applicant will be staying
    c. Letter on company letterhead from the applicants current employer
    d. Return air tickets
    e. Letter of invitation and proof of residence of any Dominican sponsor (if any)
  11. For Students:
  12. a. Letter of acceptance from the Dominican University
    b. Proof of funds for the duration of the study
  13. Proof of Personal Funds
  14. i. ITR for 3 years
    ii. Bank Statements for 6 months
    iii. Salary Slip/Certificate for last 6 months

Documents For Tourist Visa

  1. Letter from the Bank providing: Date of opening of an account, annual average balance maintained during the year, Date of last Deposit. (NO BANK STATEMENTS)
  2. Police Clearance Certificate is required.
  3. Foreign exchange endorsement

Documents For Business Visa

    An invitation letter in Spanish. Which is…

    “Garantizo que (nombre, nacionalidad y pasaporte), no permanecerá en la República Dominicana más tiempo que el concedido por la Dirección General de Migración, ni solicitara residencia o cambio de estatus migratorio desde el territorio dominicano, dedicándose exclusivamente a la actividad por la cual le fue otorgado el visado. Me hago moral y económicamente responsable de su retorno a su país de origen, asumiendo pagar a favor del Estado Dominicano cualquier gasto en que dicha persona pueda incurrir durante su estancia en el país, o que se origine como consecuencial de su repatriación o deportación del mismo”.

Download Application Form

Download Visa Application Form