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Colombia's history reads like a romance, a drama and a bad action movie all rolled into one. Just as foreign attraction to oil in Venezuela or silver in Bolivia led to turmoil and upheaval in those countries, international desire for cocaine has pushed existing tensions in Colombia well beyond their boiling point. The country's history is saddening, complex and vastly interesting.

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  1. One duly filled and signed online application form
  2. Four recent passport-size photograph
  3. i. 3.5 x 4.5 cm
    ii. White background
  4. Passport
  5. i. Must have validity of 6 months after intended period of travel
    ii. Have at least 2 blank pages left
  6. Photocopy of Applicants passport
  7. Copy of previous Colombian visa, if any
  8. Official power of attorney if submission is by third person
  9. Original and photocopy of the round trip ticket and travel itinerary
  10. For Tourists:
  11. i. Covering letter stating the duration and purpose of visit
    ii. Bank statements for the last 3 months showing that the total balance is in excess of their salary for 5 months
    iii. Invitation letter from a Colombian local along with their 3 months bank statement showing that the total balance is in excess of their salary for 5 months
  12. For Business:
  13. i. Official invitation letter from the company in Colombo describing the activities to be undertaken in Colombia and the economic sector in which they wish to develop and invest. It must also state explicitly that they take responsibility of your stay.
    ii. Documents of legal identity, social object, legal representative, capital or stock composition, functions of legal representative.
    iii. Invitation/Business letter by the Chamber of Commerce or official commercial or foreign investment promotion office from India - clearly stating the activities that will be carried out by the applicant.
  14. For Students:
  15. i. Covering letter from the applicant accompanied by bank statement indicating that the average for the past 6 months is more than 10 current legal monthly minimum salaries.
    ii. Admission or enrollment certificate issued by the educational institution.
    iii. Letter of acceptance from the local educational institution and the foreign institution as well (in case of exchange student).
    iv. Document issued by the educational institution accrediting the course program and internship/training program.
    v. In case of sponsorship, a letter clearly stating the name of the public/private entity sponsoring the student along with the academic program details.
    vi. In case of minors, a power of attorney by the parents designating a legal guardian or tutor of the student for the complete duration of his/her stay in the country.

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