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In recent years, the number of visitors to China has skyrocketed, largely due to an increase in global business dealings and cultural exchange. A large number of companies has moved their production chains to China, so have banks and big-name franchise stores. At the same time, China is becoming more and more popular as a travel destination, with its ancient cities, historical sites and good food veering for the tourist limelight.

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  1. Passport
  2. i. Valid for 6 months after travel date
    ii. Must have 2 blank pages
  3. Present passport and previous passports in original
  4. Photocopy of present passport (front and back page)
  5. Two recent passport photographs
  6. i. 48 x 33 mm
    ii. On light background
  7. Covering letter stating complete purpose of travel
  8. Confirmed travel booking with day to day travel details
  9. Invitation letter
  10. i. Complete details on the applicant
    ii. Complete details on the planned visit
    iii. Details of the inviter
  11. Proof of Finance
  12. i. Bank statement for last 6 months
    ii. Latest ITR
  13. If Self-Employed/Business
  14. i. Proof of ownership (Partnership deed, articles of association or proof of proprietorship)
    ii. ITR of Company
    iii. Bank statement for last 6 months of company
  15. If Employed
  16. i. Certificate of employment from employer/NOC/ leave sanctioned
    ii. Salary bank statement for last 6 months
  17. If Student/Dependent
  18. i. Consent from the parents/spouse
    ii. Original bank statement of last 6 months of parents/spouse
    iii. Latest ITR for parents/spouse
    iv. ID Card photocopy (if student)

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