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Officially known as the Kingdom of Belgium, it is a federal monarchy in Western Europe. It has witnessed the Roman invasion in 100 BC, the treaty of Verdun in 843, the Eighty years of War (1568 - 1648), followed by the French revolutionary war of 1794 and the Belgian revolution of 1830.

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  1. Completely filled application form.
  2. Two recent passport-size photograph (white background)
  3. Passport
  4. i. Must have validity of 3 months after intended period of travel.
    ii. Have at least 2 blank pages left.
  5. Overseas medical insurance with minimum coverage of Euro 30000. (photocopy)
  6. Complete travel itinerary with return ticket/reservation
  7. Covering Letter explaining Purpose of Visit
  8. Photocopy of Applicants passport with Visa Copies (In Any/All Passports) for USA/UK/Canada/Australia/Schengen issued in last 3 years
  9. Proof of Social/Professional Status
  10. Proof of Adequate Financial Means
  11. i. Salary slips/certificate last 3 months
    ii. Bank Statement of 3 months
    iii. ITR last 3 years
    iv. Form 16.
  12. Proof of Accommodation
  13. i. Hotel Confirmation
    ii. Letter of Invitation from Sponsor along with photo id proof.
  14. 11. Photograph Specifications:
  15. i. Size 3.5 x 4.5 cm
    ii. Plain white colored background
    iii. Head should be in the center of the frame


Important Cities:
  • Brussels
  • Antwerp
  • Bruges
  • Liege
Must See:
1. National Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Koekelberg, Brussels
2. The Belgian Federal Parliament in Brussels
3. Atomium built in 1958 for its World Fair Expo

Brussels is the archetypal “melting point” and stands at the crossroads of the Germanic and Romance cultures. It is home to

Things to see:

  1. Grand Palace
  2. Guildhouses and the Gothic town hall
  3. The Laken Castle
  4. St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral
  5. The Royal Palace
  6. Atomium
  7. The tiny bronze fountain of the curious Manneken Pis
  8. Palacis de Justice
  9. Opera House
  10. Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate
  11. Toy Museum
  12. Comic Strip Museum
  13. Halle Gate
  14. Museum of Belgium Brewers
  15. Arc de Triomphe-Triomfboog at Jubelpark
  16. Bourse-Beurs
  17. Statue of Europe
  18. Museum of the Extreme Orient

A medieval looking city which still holds the 19th century neo-gothic style. Street over street of charming historic houses and the canal. Visit areas like St. Anna to relive in the quiet and feel of the middle ages.

Things to see:

  1. Stadhuis – the city hall built in 1376 is one of the oldest. A must see is the Gothic hall.
  2. Groeninge Museum
  3. Basilica of the Holy Blood
  4. Brewery de Halve Maan
  5. Onze Lieve Vrouwkerk
  6. The hospital of St. John
  7. Diamond Museum
  8. The Friet Museum – The world’s only museum which tells the story of the Potato from America which evolved into a Fries.
  9. Choco-Story Museum
  10. Lucifernum – A private gallery with a gothic cemetery
  11. Belfry in Grote Market

A major tourist destination in the Flanders region of Belgium. Known for the overtly friendly locals and their penchant for good food and living a low stress lifestyle. It is the world’s leading “Diamond City”, has one of the largest seaports of Europe and a heritage of local specialities.

Things to see:

  1. Rubens house
  2. Plantin Moretus Museum
  3. Cathedral of our lady
  4. Saint Paul’s church
  5. Grote Market
  6. Statue of Brabo and the giant’s hand
  7. Look for the Marian statues on the street corners
  8. Antwerp Zoo – one of the oldest in the world
  9. Historical city center of the City Hall and Old Market Square
  10. Het Steen - a medieval castle on the banks of river Schelde
  11. Boerentoren – The 97m skyscraper in the historical center which was started being build in 1930. With an observation deck on the 25th floor.
  12. The Antwerp Ruins – The underground city tour
  13. Het Muntplein – to see the graffiti art
  14. The Palace of Justice
  15. Cruises on river Schelde

A once flourishing city with an industrial past of being the world’s first industrialized regions outside the UK in the 19th Century has shifted into being the cultural capital of Wallonia. A varied city which bring together a lot of history, culture, dramatics and the beauty of the river Meuse.

Things to see:

  1. Chapelle Saint-Roche
  2. Saint-Martins Basilica
  3. Slopes of Saint-Walburghe
  4. Palais of the Prince-Bishops
  5. Thier de la Fontaine
  6. Rue des Tisserands, Rue de Remparts
  7. Church of St. Denis
  8. The Post Office
  9. Church of St. Nicolas on the Rue des Recolets
  10. Saint-Paul’s Cathedral
  11. Boulevard de la Constitution
  12. Montagne de Bueren
  13. Cour Saint-Antonie
  14. Hors-Chateau
  15. Museum of Natural History
  16. The Synagogue
  17. The Philharmonic Orchestra, the Royal Opera and Theater de la Place
  18. Visit the World War I memorial at Cointe
  19. Maison de la Science

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