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  1. Passport
  2. i. Valid for 6 months after travel date ii. Must have 2 blank pages
  3. Two Photocopy of present passport (front and back page)
  4. Two copies of completed and signed application form
  5. Covering letter or Invitation stating purpose of visit
  6. Complete travel details
  7. Proof of employment/professional standing
  8. For business
  9. I. Covering letter from company stating particulars and grant of leave II. Invitation letter from company in Bangladesh III. Proof of being a businessman/ company representative
  10. For students
  11. I. Offering letter from the concerned government recognized educational institution in Bangladesh II. Bank solvency certificate of guardian III. Sponsorship certificate provided by guardian confirming commitment to bear the expenses
  12. For Employment
  13. I. Letter from BOI/BEPZA/Ministry/NGO Affairs bureau stating that the applicant has been appointed in accordance with existing rules and regulations II. Appointment letter stating terms and conditions of employment including salary, house rent etc.
  14. In case of Missonaries
  15. I. Letter/Appointment letter from concerned Mission/Institution II. Consent from the Ministry of Religious Affairs, Bangladesh
  16. Two recent passport photographs
  17. i. 35 x 45 mm ii. On white background
  18. Proof of Finance
  19. i. Bank statement for last 6 months ii. Latest ITR iii. Salary Certificate/Slip for 6 months

Download Application Form

Download Visa Application Form